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Eagles Give Back! Giving Day

UPDATE: You did it! You helped us meet our total goal of $200,000 and unlocked a special $200,000 matching gift for financial aid. ECFS, we knew you could step up to the challenge. We are so grateful. Go Eagles! If you would like to make a gift please visit

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Kavita Bordia, Assistant Director of Annual Giving

Supporters (229)

All (229)
Aaron Cohen
Alayna and Vincent Zayas
Alexandra & Richard Winter
Alexandra Checkman
Alexandra Dean
We love you Fieldston!
Alice and Robert Montera
Alison Brown
Huge thanks to everyone who helps and supports these wonderful kids! We appreciate you!
Alison and Matthew Frank
Allison Fisch and Thomas Pierce
Amit and Sujata Gupta
Congratulations class of 2022
Ammu Kirtane
Congratulations to the Class of 2022!
Amy Deiner
Amy Perry
Thank you ECFS faculty and staff!
Ananda Bose
Andrea Pivnick
Andrea Schelly
Andrea Schelly & Peter Dorsey
Andrew Heller
In honor of Steven Gerard
Andrew Snyder
Anna Perelshteyn-Zhao and Billy Zhao
Aurora Anderson
Brad & Erin Beitz
Bree & Scott Twibell
In honor of Stephanie Harris, Kenny Graves, Rashad Randolph, Tony Marro and Gus Ornstein
Thank you for creating such a wonderful Fieldston Upper culture -- even a Pandemic can't stop you! Here's to the class of 2026!
Bree Sheahan & Scott Twibell
In honor of Sarah, Tom, Nancy & Rose -- our partners in OIAA
Thank you for doing so much to support our parents and students! You make ECFS thrive!
Bree Sheahan & Scott Twibell
In honor of Dr. Alwin Jones
Thank you for celebrating each and every student, and fostering their unique strengths. We are so grateful for our talented faculty.
Bree Sheahan & Scott Twibell
In honor of Jon Alschuler, Francesca Pisa, Dean Flores and the amazing FM faculty and staff
Thank you for shepherding our class of 2026 though Middle School. Despite the immense challenges, you made it a wonderful experience.
Carl Smith
Fieldston has made a big difference in all of our lives!
Carlos Tseng & Haruko Masutani
Thank you for a wonderful 1st year!
Carmen De La Rosa
A small gesture that can be a huge help to someone else.
Carolina Wolkowitz
Casandra Pagan
Let’s go Fieldston!
Chana Reed
Chloe Rosenberg
Christina Boni
Christopher Gruszczynski
Courtnay & Matt Pareti
We are grateful for all of the amazing teachers, administration, and staff!! Thank YOU!
Crystal Eng Won
Cuneyt Varol
Cynthia Vance-Abrams and Robert E. Abrams
David Herzberg
David Mcinerney
David and Jessica Saitowitz
Debbie Persaud
Debora St. Claire
Denise Melendez
Diana Castellanos Swartz and David Swartz
Diana Pessin
Diane Maldonado
Thank you to the teachers!
Dina and Marc Bean
Edward Bilous Michelle DiBucci
Elena Baskina
We love you, ECFS! Elena, Kate and Stella
Elena Sefanov
Elizabeth Salgado
Eric Aber
Eric Schatz
Eric Yip and Noriko Yasuda
Evangelos Perros
Thankful for all you do for our kids and our community!
Evelyn Nam
Felice Sussman
Fred and Elizabeth Steinke
Galit Atlas Koch
In honor of Ruth and Shmuel Koch
Garret Batten
Gayle White Wallace
We love you ECFS!
Gina Iacono
GloriAnne DiToro
Grace Wang and Stephen Sites
Gregory David
Hanh Livingston
Heather Doherty Guardado
Hilary and Ben Harris
Hillarie Budoff
Holly Jones
Hull Pareti Family
Ian Dwinell
Proud to be ameber of the class of 2006
Ifeanyi Nwosu
Thanks to you all at ECFS. Amazing Team!
Irene & Sameer Shalaby
Irina and Michael Sourek
Isabel Lo and Ryan Geraghty
Thank you to all the staff, administration and faculty that make ECFS such a special place! We are continually inspired by your mission to educate our children for a better tomorrow.
Jaime Sheiffer
Jaime Vermeer
Jalene and Mark Manske
Jamie & Jason Gorman
Jamie and Russell Greenberg
So grateful for the Fieldston teachers and staff!
Jeffrey Posternak
Jenn Rosen Nosenchuk
Jennifer Tammi
In honor of this year's seniors.
Jennifer Wilcox
Jerry Wen Hao Feng
Keep up the good work
Jessica Romano
In honor of Vinni Drybala and Tony Marro
Thank you for being an integral part of Ben’s journey and helping him navigate with curiosity, humility and confidence.
Jillian Mabry
Jo Natauri
Jodi Cohen
JodyAnn Powell
Joe and Sophie Sacca
John & Nancy Dwinell
It is great to support Fieldston!
Jonathan Goldberg
Joseph Piselli
Keeping the dream alive, Go Fieldston!
Judy Cheng
Julia Boahene
In honor of Justin Ampofo
Julia Shin
KC Patel
Karan Chabba
Karen Frome
Kate Sherman
Katharina Eikermann
Katrinka Hrdy
Kavita and Rakesh Bordia
In honor of The class of 2022
We love ECFS! Thank you for everything.
Keisha Wright
Kevin Banaszak
Go Eagles!
Larry Buskey
Lauren and Andre Janian
Lauren and Michael Coulston '88
Lenore Moritz
Leonie & Christian Gutierrez Maruani
Leslie Fremar
Linda and Ira Kurtzberg
Linda and Jim Kelly
Lisa & Jim Baroni & Mcguire
Liz Layne
In honor of Kyle Wilkie-Glass and Liz English
Thanks for Kyle’s continued leadership and Liz’s generous and kind spirit. 🧡🧡🧡. ECFS is lucky to have them.
Lori Ben-Ari
We are all very thankful for the community, the faculty, support staff that all work hard to ensure our children have the best experience possible.
Mara Kanner
In honor of Leo Kanner's 8th Grade Stepping
Margaret Hanson
Margot Bridger
Mari and Jesse Damon
Marina Kolesnik and Michael Zaitsev
Mark Ozer and Ava Huang
Marketa Krumpl
Matt & Casey Weinstein
Matthew Dwinell
Proud to be a member of the 2011 Fieldston Class
Maura Furfey
Maya and Alfredo De Angelis
Meghan Mackay & Allen Thorpe
We're so proud of the graduating class of '22 GO EAGLES!
Melanie Cooper-Leary
In honor of My amazing colleagues in the Language Department
Thank you for all your hard work during this challenging year!
Melinda Moore
In honor of Tania Miraz and Harry Sunshine
Melissa Cohen
Meredith Summerville
Mette Baccari
Thank you to ECFS for all you have done for my kids, class of '19 and '21
Mette and Joe Baccari
Michael Knopf and Lisa Litt
Michael McClenathan
Michelle and Scott Rickert
In honor of All of the amazing teachers and faculty!
Min young Song
In honor of Jocelyn Gooding-Smith
Thank you for bringing me to this wonderful community. We miss you…
Molly Alpern
Nadeige Bogard
Thankful for the amazing teachers and staff at Fieldston!
Nadine & Pouria D
In honor of The Dream Team: Dean Savi Tuber & Kelly Sigro. Thank you for everything you do!!
Nancy Morgan and Mark Broadie
Natasha Moore
Neal and Samantha Kaufman
Nelson Sanchez
Eagle pride forever.
Nicole Lai
Thank you for providing a loving community for students to thrive!
Nicole Saldana
Oluseyi Ogunwomoju
Opal Linton
Congratulations Class of 2022!
Pamela Sandler & Alan Echtenkamp
In honor of The entire administration, faculty, and staff of ECFS
We are so grateful your commitment, expertise, and love!
Patricia Cardello
We are so thankful for the amazing community, staff and teachers at ECFS. Go Eagles!!
Pete Groves
Rachael Yassim
Rachel and Richard Greenfield
Randi & Matt Seigel
Go Eagles!!
Rebecca Ingber
Renee Eskow
Ricky & Eran Goldwasser Rosenthal
Robert Egan
We are having a wonderful year 1 experience. Thanks !
Robyn Spencer
I donated to support the spirit of Felix Adler's vision for education.
Robyne Heath-Carrasquillo and Abel Carrasquillo
Rose Turshen and Vinni Drybala
The spirit of this community is electric. I'm so proud to wear orange today, and I'm thankful for the incredible fauclty and staff who pour their heart and soul into teaching our kids. Go Eagles!
Sandra Herrera
Sara Berg and Justin Griffith
We give in honor of the wonderful teachers, administrators and staff at ECFS!
Sara Colodner
Sarah Simon
In honor of Stephanie Beherns
Sarah Wendt
In honor of The amazing OIAA team!
Sarah and Alan Sacks
Sasha Nicholas
Seema Reddy
Shara and Levy
Sharon and William Monahan
Sheree Hairston
Sheree Hairston
Thank you for the amazing teachers and staff. Go Eagles!
Shi Li
Spenser Alpern
Stefanie Levine
Stephanie Bonan and Sam Patel
Steven Fischler
Stuart Quart
Tarah Cooke
In honor of all the wonderful teachers at FL
We love ECFS! Quinn + Clyde
Tatiana Wolkowitz
Teddy O'Rourke
Tehira Williams
Keeping the legacy alive! Great job Liana !
Terry / Elizabeth Hults / Wagner
Todd Poisson
Tori and Scott Eisenberg
Uma Thurman
Valeska Stupak
Victoria Daley
Vivian Lin
In honor of Kyle Wilkie-Glass, faculty, administrators and all the teachers for going above and beyond and making ECFS such a great place for our kids!
Vivian Lin
In honor of Tania Miraz and Harry Sunshine
Thank you and you will be missed!
Walt & Nancy Hoehler
Congrats to class of 2022!
Wang-Chien Foundation
Development affects all of us
Wendy and Matthew Ross
Allison ross
John francis
Kanika singh
Ronnie planalp
Thank you to the Learning Center and all Faculty and Staff!
Toby himmel
In honor of Outstanding Faculty & Staff
Thanks to the wonderful faculty and staff!
Thank you ECFS!
We are grateful to the staff and teachers who supported our son during his time at Fieldston! THANK YOU
In honor of Felix Adler
In honor of Katherine Kartheiser
Thank you to the Faculty, staff, students, Administration, Facilities and AVI for all that you do for our school!

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Teddy O'RourkeFaculty/Staff
Supported 13 days ago
GloriAnne DiToroFaculty/Staff
Supported 14 days ago
Aaron CohenParent ’29, ’31
Supported 15 days ago
Melanie Cooper-LearyParent ’19, ’24Faculty/Staff
Supported 15 days ago
In honor of My amazing colleagues in the Language Department
Thank you for all your hard work during this challenging year!
Vivian LinParent ’28, ’30
Supported 16 days ago
In honor of Tania Miraz and Harry Sunshine
Thank you and you will be missed!
Uma ThurmanParent ’31
Supported 16 days ago
Sara Berg and Justin GriffithParent ’25, ’30
Supported 16 days ago
We give in honor of the wonderful teachers, administrators and staff at ECFS!
AnonymousParent ’26
Supported 16 days ago
Kevin BanaszakParent ’34
Supported 16 days ago
Isabel Lo and Ryan GeraghtyParent ’31, ’33
Supported 16 days ago
Thank you to all the staff, administration and faculty that make ECFS such a special place! We are continually inspired by your mission to educate our children for a better tomorrow.

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