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GivingTuesday is a global day of giving and one of ECFS’s most important fundraising days. We’re asking you to join us with a gift to the Orange Fund to support our financial aid program that benefits 1 in 4 ECFS students. You helped us reach 300 donors today and unlocked a special one-time gift of $175,000 for financial aid from a group of anonymous donors! The momentum of our community has inspired us all. You are making a difference. Let’s keep going – TOGETHER!

12 donations in the last 12 hours!
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Kavita Bordia, Assistant Director of Annual Giving

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A & A G
A & A G
Abdoulaye Traore
Aditya Narayanan
Adria and Donald Hillman
Adrienne Kim
We are so deeply grateful for the thoughtful education our son is receiving at ECFS. This community is so important to us. Thank you!
Ajani Santos
Akinsheye Dorsett
Alan and Linda Greengrass
Alexander Wang
ECFS was a good and safe space for me to grow
Alexandra Checkman
Alexandra Zoueva
Alice and Robert Montera
Alisa Stein
Alisa Yamnarm & Burat Luengthada
Alison & Barry Berke
Alison Salzinger
Thoughtful education for my kids. Financial aid needed to increase diversity
Allison Fisch and Thomas Pierce
Allison Sherman
Amber and Warren Saft
Amy Perry
Amy and Chris Stokes
Andrea Amiel
I give to allow the next generation to benefit from the ECFS experience
Andrea Lehman
Andrea and Kevin Pivnick
Thank you to our Faculty, Admin, and our whole community at Fieldston!
Andrew Fippinger
Andrew Holm
Andrew Langer
In memory of Glen de Vries
It's been just over a year since Glen passed, and the world is a dimmer place without him in it. Nevertheless, jubilamus, gaudeamus. The world was a better place because of Glen (and because of Fieldston).
Andrew Moger
Andrew Werts
Andrew and Jennifer Salzberg Tassler
Andrew and Jodi Smith
The experience our daughter, as well as our family has been having at Fieldston
Andrew and Keri Topkins
Andrew and Lauren Janian
AndrewAndJoanneWynkoop Aronson
Arika and Jonathan Couchman
Atif Khawaja
Austin and Priya Wong
Barbara and Stanley Hochhauser
Barrie Hottinger
Ben Thier
Benjamin Jurney
Benjamin Silver
Billy Zhao and Anna Perelshteyn-Zhao
Brad Spiegel
Brad and Kyong Coleman
Brandon Himmel
Brian Pasquinelli
Caleb Hurst-Hiller
Carline and Garry Samson
Carly LaScala-Sobel
Caroline Broomfield
Carolyn Hirsch
In honor of Dr. Banks and Ms. Kriger
Carolyn Susman
Casandra Pagan
Catherine Flattmann
Cathleen Hu-Zollei
Chao Pan
Charles Stewert
Chawey Wu and Justin Burchett
Cherise D. Klebanov and Mark M. Klebanov
Christopher Chan
Christopher Gruszczynski
Chymeka Olfonse
Colin Montgomery & Svetlana Rabey
Confidence Lackwood
Connie Lovatt and Ravi Nandan
This our daughters first year at Fieldston and she loves it.
Courtnay & Matt Pareti
Thank you to ALL of the dedicated teachers, admin, and staff!
Dan Cogan-Drew
Dan Lederman
Dan Waldman and Allison Ross
Dana Finesilver and Rob Lewin
Dana Sirota and Joshua Shiffrin
Daniel Abrams and Florinka Presenti
Daniel and Neha Ruch
Daniela and Mathew Guliner
Dara Gottfried
Darryl Do
David Cynn
David Fishman
David Gelman
David Krohn
David Miller
Irwin Kafka was the most committed, inspiring teacher I ever met, and his legacy should be honored
David Swartz
David and Jessica Saitowitz
Dean Schaffer
Deb Fienberg
Debbie Persaud
Debo Adegbile
Debora St-Claire
Deborah Frankel
Deepka and Suraj Sani
Diane Debrovner and Daniel Minus
Diane Jaffee
In honor of Rob O'Neill Dance Company
The Dance company was one of the most diversified groups on campus which is so important to continue!
Diane Maldonado and Carlos Santillan
Donna Gold
Ebru & Cuneyt Varol
Elena Baskina
Elizabeth Amador Salem
Elizabeth Vakil
Ellen Celli
Emeka and Ilana Okafor
Enrique Pani
Eric Aber
Ethan binder
Eunice Park and Josh Brody
Eunu Chun
Evan Gartenlaub
Evangelos Perros
Proud of the ECFS community! Keep up the great work!
Evelyn Louie
Flora McKay
Francesca Pisa and Sarah Newton
Franco Destro and David Lucking
Fred and Elizabeth Steinke
Gabriela De Vos and Kujtim Balidemaj
Gary Cohen
In honor of Leslie Berlowitz , 1962
Gary Wolf
Gayle White
Geoffrey and Jennifer Goldschein
Georgina Bloomberg
Gerald and Kristin Flattmann
Gia Moreno
Gillian McSpiritt
In honor of Fundraising Dream Team!
Gillian Warmflash
Gina Iacono
Giovanni Willis
The joy of learning that ECFS has provided our family is immeasurable. Making sure students have have access to such a wonderful community should be at the forefront of the mission.
Gregory White
Daughter graduated from ECFS now her children are attending.
Gus Aronson
Gus Ornstein
Hanh Livingston
Hannah Orowitz
Harianne Wallenstein
Haruko Masutani & Carlos Tseng
HeeWon Brindle-Khym
Helen & Bryan Gant
Henna and Toni Toikka
Hilary and Ben Harris
Hillary Robbie
Holly and Darren Jones
Howard and Rita Huang
Iliana Varadzhakova
Irene Shalaby
Jacqueline Weitz
Jaime and Jeff Abrams
James Wang
We love ECFS!
James and Elenna Dunham
James and Ysabella Gara
Jamie and Jason Gorman
Janian Family
Jason Kunreuther
Jason Lightning
Jason Roth
Javier and Charity Luna
Jay Weiss
Jean Horenstein
Jean Wang
Jeanine Edwards
Jeffrey Katz
Jeffrey Piermont
Jeffrey Posternak and Amy Flynn
Jennifer Nosenchuk
Jennifer and Josh Saviano
Jennifer and Salil Seshadri
Jenny Herdman Lando
Jessica Donner & Philip Weinberg
Jessica Koby
Jessica Romano
Jessica and David Weiser
Jessica and Tim Kisling
Jillian Mabry
Jimmy & Barbara Frischling
Joanna Mendoza-Remedios
Joel Gibson
Joey Koch
Johanna Damgaard Liander
In memory of Anne Doescher '74
John & Nancy Dwinell
The donation goes to future students who can benefit from a wonderful education
John Francis
John Kuhr
Jon Roure
Jonathan Weber
Jonathan and Melissa Alschuler
Joseph Algrant
In honor of all students and their families, and all the faculty and staff who make this such a wonderful place to be. We are so delighted to be back.
Judy Flumenbaum
Julia Boahene
Julia Shin
Juliette Mound
Justin Forman
Justin Spiegel
KC Caroline Patel
Kaitien Boucher
Karen Avrich
Kate Robin
Kate Solomon
Katherine Cohen
Go Eagles!
Kathleen O'Connell
Kathryn Gilroy
Katrin Peck
In honor of My superb Class of 1968
As my 55th Fieldston Reunion approaches in 2023, I give back to promote an ethical education for future generations. Three generations of my family attended Fieldston! My husband is also F’68.
Katrina Kaeser
Kavita and Rakesh Bordia
For the amazing education our kids are receiving
Keiko and Simon Reid
Ken Schwartz
Kenny Yu
Ketan Vakil
Khadijah Newell
Khirlu & Elizabeth Burton
In honor of tolerance for faith and religion
Kimberly and Stuart Spodek
Kirk Ruebenson
L Jeff Walker
Labentina Haxhija
Labi Shala
Laura Bradford
For the inspiring and creative teaching
Laura Gourdine
In memory of Heather Gray '93
Heather loved Fieldston so much and her spirit is with me every single day. I wanted to honor her love for our school.
Lauren & Alex Rose
Lauren Bohne
Lauren Coulston and Michael Coulston ‘88
Lauren Ebin
Lauren Elliot
Lauren Williams-Russo
Laurie Knoebel
Leanna Mercedes
In honor of Jibriel A. Ghazali
Leonie Maruani
Leslie Fremar
In honor of Jonah and Leo Lupu
Lili and Jacky Lee
Linda Kelly
Lisa Baroni & James Mcguire
Lisa Dabek
In memory of Betty Clancy Radens
I benefitted from financial aid when I attended Fieldston and I want to now support others to get the wonderful education I did.
Livia Cheung
Liz Layne
I have some pretty amazing colleagues!!! Here's to you and all that you do for ECFS each and every day!
Lori Ben-Ari
Maggie Close
Mara and Jason Kanner
Marcia Knight
Marcy and Andrew Barkan
Margaret Myers
Margot Bridger and Gerry Paul
Maria Benzan
Maria Hyde
Marilyn Nissenson
Marissa & Ryan Miller
Marjorie Cohen
Mark Cox
Marla Evans
Marlin Cohen & Samuel Hamilton
Max Freedman
Mayorga/Macaluso Family
Melissa Burnazian
Melissa Chapnick
Melissa Cohen
Michael Friedman
Michael Hirschberg
Michael Hutchby
Michael McClenathan
Michael Rabatin
In honor of Joanne Rabatin
Michael Rauch and Sarah Moore
Michael Schafler
Michael Shindler
Michael Slater
Michael Weitz
Michele Haberland
Michele Lowe
Michele Stocknoff & Scott Levy
Michelle Anderson
Michelle DiBucci
Michelle Ko
Michelle MacKay
Mimi Ismi
Misha Abraham and Jay Philip
Molly Alpern
Monique Clarke
In honor of The wonderful staff of FL
Myka Todman
Nadeige Bogard
Natasha Moore
Nathanael Bienvenu
Neil Mody
Nelsi Guzman
Nelson Sanchez
In memory of Edna Ramos
Nick & Lauren Kaplan
Nicole Gabrielle Ogborn
Nina Hellerstein
I was able to attend and graduate from Fieldston in 1964 because of financial aid. It allowed me to continue my education, meet my husband of 52 years and have a rewarding life.
Nina Zasorin
Nnenna Lynch and Jonathon Kahn
Noraima Padilla
Norma Elias
Olga Zelenova
Paige Novick
Pamela & John DiCola
Pamela PapinoWood
Pamela Sandler & Alan Echtenkamp
Pamela and Howard Mittman
Our family is so proud to be a part of this community and thankful for the incredible efforts and dedication of the ECFS teachers and staff!
Patty Moreno-Fletcher
Phil Davies
Phil Lane
Princess Prince-McCoade
My grandson is attending ECFS and I would like other children to benefit /experience from his amazing education.
Rachel + Jason Glass
Rachel Dratch
Rachel Hochhauser
In honor of Arthur Whitman
Rachel Mieszczqanski
Rachel greenfield
Randi & Matthew Seigel
We love ECFS!
Randi Maidman and Howie Ravikoff
Randi Rosner and Jeffrey Lipton
Raven Maldonado
We love being a part of this caring community and look forward to the next decade!!
Rebecca Ingber
Rebecca and Grant Tolson
Richard Aina and James Wilson
Richard Warfield’
Rielly Vlassis
In honor of ECFS Faculty & Staff!
Thank you for your dedication to your students and our school community!
Rob Cousins
Robert Greenwald
Fieldston is my second family
Robert and Marina Grossberg/Catallozzi
Robert and Susan Weiser
Robin Blum
Rose Turshen and Vinni Drybala
Ross Adler
Ruby Marenco
Ruksi Gregory
Sam Patel
Sameea Kasim
Sameena and Pete Groves
Sandhya Rajaraman
Santa Brito-Abreu and Frankeloy Abreu
Sara & Taylor Senatore
Sara Amare
Sara Berg and Justin Griffith
Sara Cohen
Sara Munoz
Keep up the great work Development Team! Hoping we hit 300 gifts today :)
Sarah Banks and Howard Waldman
Sarah Lederman
Sarah Wendt
In honor of the great Advancement, Alumni and Events team and all the amazing volunteers who give back to make the school community so strong!
Sasha Nicholas
Seema Reddy
Seth Resnick
Shannon Matlovsky
Shi Li
We are so grateful to be part of the amazing ECFS community. Thank you to all the amazing staff and faculty that make ECFS such a special place to learn!
Shino & Al Moffitt
Stefanie Wool
In honor of Sally and Eliza Turetsky
Stephanie Bohne
Stephanie Campbell and Amol Naik
Stephanie and Jordan Levine
Stephen Jacobs
Stephen Rappaport
Suheyla Zubaroglu
Susan Bohne
Susan Boyar
Susan Kurz Snyder
In honor of Joan Rosen
Suzanne Murray and Alexander Tripp
Suzanne and James Klein
Our love of ECFS and support for the financial aid program. We love being part of the ECFS community! Thank you for everything.
Tal Raviv
Tamara Stern
Tanaya Apte
Tarah and Tommy Cooke
Grateful for all the people who work so hard to make ECFS such a wonderful community! We love ECFS!
Tatyana and Werner Ahlers
Tess Aronson
Thomas Fiorella
Thomas Schoenwaelder
Thomas Vales
Toby Himmel
Tonia and David Steck
Tracey Vorus
Uday Veeraraghavan
Vanessa Li
Vennesa Asare
Victor Su
Vikram Kapoor
Vito and Aislinn Loconte
Vivian & Edwin Lin
Whitney Ifcher
We are thankful for this community!
William Doyle
William Rexer
Xiomara Rodriguez
Zachary Brez and Jennifer Kangas
Zachary Resnick
Alexander jackson
In memory of SUSAN L. QUINONES 1949 - 2022
Beatriz goubert
Deanna kuhn, noel capon kuhn/capon
Jane gilman
Jianmin ren
Joan Rosen
Katharina Eikermann
Orly sandelowsky
In honor of Eva Amaya
Always maintaining space for those we love and lost but keep among us.
Ronaldo kiel
Sara edelman
Steven breecker
I love how Fieldston has embraced my children and my family. Keep up the great work!
I appreciate how Fieldston has embraced our family during this first year. I am looking forward to many good times ahead.
We believe everyone should have access to high quality education.
In memory of Brenda Won
Thank you! Happy Holidays
ECFS creates a warm an inclusive environment for our daughter and we hope all of the students!

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Jason KunreutherAlumni ’92
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Pamela PapinoWoodParent ’23, ’29
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Gillian McSpirittFaculty/Staff
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In honor of Fundraising Dream Team!
Harianne WallensteinAlumni ’62
Supported 9 hours ago
James and Ysabella GaraAlumni ’72
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Kirk RuebensonFaculty/Staff
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AnonymousParent ’26, ’27
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